News & Notes

Fact: shopping for wine in a grocery store is perfectly acceptable – but it’s not always easy to find a great deal. Some wine enthusiasts shy away from buying wine at grocery store chains due to the (typically) high markup or limited selection.
Rather than bottle and label wines destined for sales channels with diminishing demand, wineries will likely choose to bottle less wine this year. Subsequently, more barrels should be available for wholesale purchase.
In Napa Valley alone, the wine industry brings in a staggering $9.4 billion dollars annually, with additional billions generated by the hospitality industry catering to visitors from all over the world.  But with these visitors suddenly gone – how does one stay in business?
About 18 months after making our first vintage of wine, we were approached by a friend who works for a high-end winery with some excess Cabernet to sell.  This was some amazing wine, and we had the opportunity to buy it at a great price.