Top Five Wine Movies for a Friday Night (with a bottle of Claudine, of course)

Top Five Wine Movies for a Friday Night (with a bottle of Claudine, of course)

If you’re like me (and I’ll assume your reading a wine blog because we have AT LEAST that in common) then you might find yourself on the couch on a Friday or Saturday night flipping through the Netflix or Amazon files looking for a nice way to mindlessly work your way through that nice bottle of wine you’ve rewarded yourself with.

Why not (maybe) learn something about wine in the process…or at least be entertained? 

Over the last few years, I think I’ve seen twenty or more documentaries or wine-related movies.  Some were good and some I didn’t last five minutes with.  So let me guide your weekend movie search.


In no particular order, the Top Five Wine-Related Movies/Documentaries (Drumroll…….)


Bottle Shock

Bottle Shock is an entertaining film starring Alan Rickman that narrates a story of the infamous “Judgement of Paris” blind wine tasting of 1976. This shocking moment brought admiration of California wines, showcasing the Chardonnay of Chateau Montelana, which brought California, and ultimately, United States into the wine market in a respectable and recognizable manner.  Many of the other wineries featured have become favorites of mine over the years, too.

Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes made our list because it highlights another perspective of business in the wine industry. This documentary centers around a counterfeiter, Rudy Kurniawan, who was charged of selling, altering, and relabeling fine wines in rare auctions around the world. For several years, he monopolized the collection of rare wine until regulations intervened. An interesting film displaying the desperate and dire methods some folks will do to have the ultimate wine cellar.



Decanted is a fantastic documentary directed by Nicholas Kovacic showcasing the brilliance of wine country in Napa Valley, California. This film focuses on the extensive labors and delicate processes of crafting the ideal juice, and the decisions and challenges winemakers face. Utilizing an artistic approach, this documentary showcases the beautiful terroir of this specific AVA. Decanted holds a special home in the hearts of Claudine Wines - highlighting the area where we source the grapes for our wines.



Sideways is a movie featuring lead roles of Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church. This is an entertaining film that displays the novice and “sophisticated” perspective of wine and the beautiful vineyards of California. A wonderful blend of humor and romance, this film easily connects with any wine consumer. Sideways even influenced a social trend against Merlot, which shows how powerful media can alter pallets and consumer choice! One of my personal favorites, this movie is a reminder to drink in good company, and always spit out the gum!



Somm is a unique documentary focusing on the path, dedication, and lifestyle of a wine professional. This film focuses on the studies, trials, and challenges of the path of the highly revered Master Sommelier. Somm opens perspective of the sophistication and vast study that is required for this prestigious occupation. Readily available on popular streaming sites such as Netflix, I highly recommend watching this fascinating look at what it takes to be a true wine pro.


If you have any other recommendations we didn’t include, we would love your input! Just include a comment below or say something on Facebook!  

From our family to yours… Cheers



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