2017 Yountville Deux
2017 Yountville Deux

2017 Yountville Deux

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Deux means two. But you knew that. This blend of Cab Franc and Merlot is phenomenally rich and would easily be mistaken for red blends that trade at $75+

(If you managed to snag a bottle of our Diamond Mountain version of this wine a couple of years back, this wine is a step ahead!)

Yountville is one Napa's smaller AVAs and probably better known for The French Laundry, but its location near the southern end of the Valley means that it is slightly cooler and has a bit longer growing season. That allows for the depth of flavor to develop in red wines without the high sugar content that leads to high alcohol. Enough of the wine geek-out. Its fantastic stuff and one you will come back for

We don't normally do a 200+ case production, but this one was so good it is a no-brainer case purchase. You'll enjoy this one all summer and into the fall!

Blend:  50% Cabernet Franc, 50% Merlot

Recommended Food Pairings: If it goes in your mouth, it will go with this wine. Five Guys? Absolutely. Cold pizza by the light of the refrigerator, you bet

Avoid: Spicy foods


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