2017 Yountville Malbec
2017 Yountville Malbec

2017 Yountville Malbec

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While Napa is most famous for Cabernet Sauvignon, this Malbec is a knockout! Deep purple in color and with just the right amount of fruit, this will pair with whatever  is on your dinner table...or the couch (judgment-free zone folks)

This is not an $8 Argentinian Malbec (that said, if I only had $8 to spend on a bottle, I am going with a Malbec from Argentina). Taste it blind next to  your favorite $40 blend and we're sure this one will win -- hands down

I'll save you the flowery description, but whether you're opening this for a special occasion or a random Tuesday night, you will not be disappointed in the quality for the price

Recommended food pairings: You name it. This wine is versatile enough to pair with anything: from cold Chipotle leftovers to a sous-vide steak dinner 

Avoid: Overpriced name-brand Napa wine 


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