Claudine Wine Guide

Here's a guide on the background, serving temparature, and recommended food pairing of our wine offerings:

Cabernet Sauvignon


Tiny, thick-skinned grapes are behind Cabernet’s deep color and extracted flavors. In warmer climates like California, Cabernet grapes develop black cherry, blueberry and menthol flavors with medium acidity. The grapes can ripen more fully there, leading to wines with softer tannins, heavier fruit profiles and higher alcohol. High-quality Cabernets are typically aged in French or American oak barrels. The wine’s rich flavors marry with oak to develop a wide range of complex tastes, including vanilla, toast, char, cedar, tobacco, cigar box, leather, chocolate, coffee, spice and more.

View our 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

Recommended Food Pairings: Roast and grilled beef, lamb, game and fowl; aged cheeses

Serving Temperature: 60-65°


Zinfandel is one of the classic wines of California, where it has been popular since Gold Rush days. The red Zinfandel grape thrives in warm climate regions, most notably portions of the Central and Sonoma valleys. When fully ripe, Zinfandel grapes contain high amounts of sugar, which can be completely fermented to create a dry and fairly high-alcohol wine, or be left in part as a trace of residual sweetness.

View our 2013 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel

Recommended Food Pairings: Grilled chicken or beef with tomato-based barbecue sauce, grilled and braised beef, lamb, duck, strong and blue cheeses

Serving Temperature: 60-65°

Pinot Noir

The best Pinot Noir boasts delicate, sometimes sour, cherry and strawberry flavors with some spice, presenting medium to low acidity and relatively light tannins. Oaked versions may also have smoke, vanilla and toast flavors, which develop with age. Winemakers rarely blend it, though Pinot Noir grapes are a key component in Champagne and other sparkling wines, where they add body and flavor, and color for rosé versions.

View our 2013 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Recommended Food Pairings: Lean roast beef, roast chicken, duck, salmon, lamb and mushroom dishes

Serving Temperature: 57-60°